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7 Summer Skin Problems & How to prevent it ?

It is the summer season and summer is in full swing. And this summer, it is impossible for the skin to avoid the scorching sun, due to which most people get summer skin problems.

That’s why we have told you below about 7 summer problems that a lot of people usually face, and we have also told you ways to prevent all the problems.

Let’s start-

7 Summer Skin Problems & How to prevent it.

  1. Heat Rash

Friends, we also call Heat Rash in common language as Ghamoria. When sweat is not able to get out from our body and sweat starts collecting under the skin instead of above the skin, due to this small pimples appear on the skin of our body, and on touching these grains. Pricking is felt, and there is a lot of itching. It is also very painful and due to this, we can also get an infection.


  • Clean the body with a wet cloth.
  • Take a bath daily
  • Do not wipe off sweat by rubbing a towel.
  • Sunburn

If your skin is a little sensitive, then there is a high chance that you may have a problem with sunburn. Under sunburn, your skin starts burning due to the strong heat and sunlight of the sun, and it starts turning red/dark by burning. Due to this, you experience severe burning and pain.


  • Do not go directly in contact with the strong hot sun of the sun.
  • If you have to go out, cover your skin, such as wearing long-handed gloves.
  • Apply sunscreen on your skin.
  • Put a hat on your head.
  • Folliculitis

The disease caused by heat usually affects the hair root of the skin. During this problem, when your skin sweats and you do not take a bath, your hair shrinks back to the root and hides behind your skin, giving a pimple-like bulge. There is a lot of itching and pain on this pimple.


  • Quickly wipe the sweat from the skin and take a bath as soon as possible.
  • If you ever have the disease of Folliculitis, then you should try this, your skin should always be healthy and dry.
  • Acne Breakout

In general, the person whose skin is oily and whose skin is prone to excessive sweating and oily skin, acne starts on their skin because oil and bacteria start accumulating on the skin which is not good for the skin, and it starts accumulating in the form of acne.


  • Clean the face with a wet cloth.
  • Bathe every day.
  • Wash face 4-5 times a day.
  • Eat less oily food.
  • Avoid eating sour.
  • Melasma

Friends, people who have the problem of Melasma always have brown spots on their skin. Although they do not see the spots until the hot heat falls on their skin, when the hot heat comes in contact with their skin then the brown spots start getting darker, due to which the skin starts becoming quite ugly.


  • You should never be exposed to the scorching heat of the sun or direct sunlight.
  • Skin Cancer

Those who work more in summer or work more in strong sunlight are more likely to suffer from skin cancer disease. Due to skin cancer, people start having all the skin diseases, with this the skin starts leaving the body.


  • If you get a disease like skin cancer, then you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • Do not come in direct contact with strong sunlight.
  • Sun Allergy

Burning in the skin, itching on the skin, various types of skin diseases in summer, all these are side effects of hemp allergy. People who have very sensitive skin often get allergic to the scorching heat of the sun.


  • You should contact a doctor.
  • You should try that as little as possible you come in contact with the strong sunlight of the sun.

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