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Best Highlight News of 2021


Every year many new incidents take place and 2021 was no different, in fact there was one thing good about this year as it was not same as 2020, which till now is claimed to be the worst year because of the global pandemic at its peak, most of us spent 2020 entirely in the lockdown and most of lost track of our lives as we all were trapped in our homes. That being said 2021 was better but not the best, in this blog we are going to discuss some Best Highlight News of 2021 that grabbed all the eyeballs:

President Biden Elected- This is perhaps the most important news of 2021 that grabbed the attention of all the media and the government all across the globe. Donald Trump is regarded as the worst president of the United States till date by various journalists, with Joe Biden in office is sure to bring a new style of politics that involves working with the like-minded countries to pursue its interests, and work towards the global peace by containing China. Many assumed that the relations with China is going to improve but that didn’t happen as Biden is dealing with China both from an economic and geopolitical perspective by forming various groups such as Quad and Aukus.

The Last Road to Brexit- We all know that Brexit happened back in January 31, 2020, but it went unnoticeable as of 2020, this allow the UK to enjoy all the benefits of the European Union despite not being a member of EU. With the new Trade and Cooperation Agreement this ambiguity will end for once and all. One thing to note here is that for the bill to be passed European Parliament still has to express its consent. This is really important so that the there is a clear stance when it comes understanding the exit of UK from the elite group.

Countries Fail to Accept Climate Change- The world leaders failed to come to an agreement when it came to protect the environment, the world leaders appeared to be divided on the climate bill. President Biden has shown interest in joining the Paris Climate Agreement on his first day in office. China also agreed in September to discontinue coal-fired power plants overseas, and Iceland opened a facility that sucks carbon dioxide from the air. Also, the world leaders asked OPEC to increase oil production in a bid to lower the gasoline prices so that the emission can be reduced globally.

Microsoft Kills Internet Explorer- Once the most popular internet explorer lost its ground to chrome and the gradual decline in its user base forced Microsoft to finally kill the internet explorer for all good. It was a good step as there was a very small percentage of people who were still using IE, Microsoft replace the old browser with a new browser name EDGE based on chromium same as chrome is based on. After that many people have started using Edge as it has some benefits over Chrome.

Germany votes for a new Chancellor- Angela Merkel is one of the longest serving politician of Germany is all set to end her career after 16 Years. Still there is no clarity who is going to be the next chancellor, it all depends on the result of the elections. Many assume that final verdict may depend on the coalition negotiations after election night that may take some time. In any case, with Angela Merkel leaving it all depends on the new government coming to power.

Taliban Return to Power- This may be regarded as the biggest intelligence failure for the United States, they evacuated Afghanistan with a hope that the running government will be able to defend itself but it was not the case, the democratic government fell like a pack of cards once the US army left Afghanistan. With thousands of people trying to flee the country and many foreigners were trapped, most of them were airlifted in no time.

Global Chip Shortage- With the global pandemic hitting all across the globe, the entire manufacturing chain was hit as many companies have to shut down. China being the manufacturers of the world, was hit by the pandemic too that lead to the shortage of Chips and consumer electronics all across the globe. Many car makers were forced to cut down the manufacturing and prices of the CPU and GPU skyrocketed because of the global shortage. Still now after two years of pandemic the situation has not improved till now.

Closing Lines

There is no doubt that many other things that happened in the year 2021, but we have tried to mention those that impacted everyone’s lives. With new year on the gate, we hope that we will be able to defeat the ongoing virus and build a better world for everyone. It is our collective responsibility to build a better earth through cooperation and hard work.

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