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Dedicated Streaming Server is there to provide the best streaming experience On-Server


A dedicated streaming server is a specialised server explicitly designed to stream video and audio content over the internet. If you want to offer streaming services of any kind, you can opt for faster-flowing dedicated servers like Webcare360 for the best experience for your clients. There are several reasons why an OTT (over-the-top) service provider might choose to use a dedicated streaming server to deliver their content:

  • Scalability- Dedicated IPTV Streaming Server are highly scalable, allowing OTT service providers to quickly adjust their server resources to meet changing demands. This ensures a smooth and stable streaming experience for viewers, even during peak usage. It is a great option that keeps the server running at its full potential, even if there is a sudden spike in traffic.
  • Reliability- Dedicated Offshore Website Hosting are designed to handle many simultaneous connections and offer high uptime, which is critical for OTT services. This ensures that viewers can access the content they want when they want it. For any streaming services, you need a reliable server so that your services face zero downtime and your client can experience uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Customization- Dedicated streaming servers allow OTT service providers to customise their streaming setup to meet their specific needs. This includes choosing the operating system, software, and hardware that best fits their requirements. With dedicated hosting services, you can customise the server per your needs without worrying about anything.
  • Performance- A dedicated streaming server will perform better than shared servers since the server’s resources are dedicated to the streaming service alone. This means the streams will be delivered with less buffering and faster start times. Web360 dedicated servers are backed by a powerful server that can process multiple requests at any time.
  • Security- A dedicated streaming service offers a higher level of protection for OTT service providers. This includes the ability to use secure protocols for streaming, such as HTTPS, and implement firewalls and other security measures to protect their content and viewer data. The additional benefit of a dedicated server is that you get unmatched security that you won’t get in any other type of hosting.
  • Cost- In the long run, a dedicated streaming server can be more cost-effective than shared hosting, especially for high-traffic OTT services. With dedicated servers, you can process all your client requests, and your revenue will grow as your customer base increases because of reliable service. The cost you pay longer run is low because the ROI on your investment is relatively high.

Wrapping Up

Dedicated hosting services are an excellent choice for a hosting streaming service. There is nothing that can match the efficiency, speed and reliability of a dedicated server. In summary, a dedicated streaming server is an excellent option for OTT service providers that need a high level of scalability, reliability, customisation, performance, and security and want to control the cost of their service.

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