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The Role of Education in Shaping the Culture Values


Education Value : Culture is the customs, beliefs and way of living shared by a particular society/community/country. It is the set of values and standards which are shared by a certain population. The culture affects almost everything where we perceive, the way we view the world we are part of, and how we interact with one another. In addition, being part of a society influences our learning, memory of how we talk and behave. Thus, the culture affects in large part the ways of teaching and learning. Education is essential for everyone. When we study, we learn about the many events throughout our lives and what is causing them. Children learn a variety of capabilities and gain knowledge to lead normal living. Education has a profound impact on their views and heritage. It is a crucial factor that influences and alters the cultural landscape of every nation. Let us talk about the importance of culture in details:

Culture and Its Importance

It is essential to establish the goal of our culture in our lives. Culture is about the knowledge of morals, ethics as well as traditions and the like. It aids in communicating with one another and avoiding conflict. Teachers demonstrate and explain the values of culture and society to children of all ages. So, they know how to conduct themselves.

Transfer of Culture

Alongside cultural heritage preservation, education must ensure the integrity of culture by transmitting the values, experiences and customs, practices, and more from one generation to the next through its diverse programs and techniques. Without this kind of transmission of knowledge, survival for the nation could be the most difficult task, and progress for humanity could be hindered. There is complete chaos and chaos.

Moulding the Personality

It is a universal aspect of the culture that character is formed and shaped through education. An individual’s personality continues evolving as he develops a network of connections with others in society. This type of interaction is facilitated by training according to the behavior patterns or society’s culture. In simpler terms, it is an informal form of social control that aids in shaping and shaping the behavior of people in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Removing Cultural Lag

The idea that there is a cultural lag is thought to originate from the famous sociologist Ogburn. When there is a distinction between material and non-material culture, we get this concept of lag. According to research, material culture has advanced due to the rapid advances in technology and science, and people have adopted modern lifestyles while ignoring non-material culture.

Final thoughts

Many cultural influences influence children’s experiences at school and academic performance. They include the beliefs of parents as well as socialization practices and worldviews of the culture. Culture-specific values, practices, and how children learn at home shape and influence children’s schooling experiences.

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