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What Decision of Repealing of “Three Farm Laws-2020” Means for Modi?


Three farm laws 2020 : India’s biggest agricultural reforms were reversed on Friday when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the repeal of the three farm laws. This law was controversial from the starting point. In most part of the country the farmers supported the law but farmers mainly from the state Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh were against it from the starting point. On November 19, Modi also requested the protesting farmers to return to their homes in his address to the nation. He further said the government would set up a committee to address all issues impacting farmers and work towards the farmers’ betterment. The decision to repeal these laws are seen as a way to prevent electoral loss. Assembly elections are on the corner. Elections are due in the crucial State of Uttar Pradesh as also in Punjab early next year. Most of the political parties in India attributed the BJP fear against the decision to repeal all three laws.

With all that being said, the goal behind all three laws was to empower small farmers. The three laws were for farmers’ benefit, and most farmers across the country welcomed it other than the Punjab, Haryana and some parts of the western UP. Many experts have clearly said these reforms would have empowered farmers to escape from the clutches of middlemen and opened new channels for them to get a good price for their crops. However, farmers from the state of Punjab and Haryana were against it as they questioned it would undermine the MSP.

Effect on the Modi’s Image

Modi’s supporters are likely to feel down as he is seen as a bold leader who does not take back his own decisions. The opposition party will feel confident as this is the first time Modi has repealed any legislation. This will test Modi hard-line image as this shows that even leaders like Modi can feel the political pain. With all being said, this is again a situation where a good law is taken back because the government and the stakeholders lack trust from the beginning, and in the end, the farmers have to suffer.

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