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Why India Lost Vs. Pakistan in ICC Men’s T20?


Many would argue that “averages rule” swept over India at Dubai in the evening of Sunday. However, the reality is that several other factors, including the power of Shaheen Afridi and the clinical Pakistan top-order, took the team off guard. The best teams don’t want to reassess their strategy following a loss in the first game of an event like this, but an internal review will hurt India before their next match in the series against New Zealand. A few of the choices made could have been a problem in the loss of 10 wickets. Some bowlers looked undercooked. 

Some batsmen have yet to adopt the team’s brand new, more aggressive T20 approach. They may have been away all day. Probably the toss played the most crucial role in the match; many experts argue that India lost half of the match when they lost the toss. A determined Pakistan team under the leadership of lively Babar Azam recorded an impressive win of ten wickets over the Virat Kohli-led Indian team at the Dubai International Stadium on Sunday. It was the first time Pakistan had won against India in World Cups (ODI and T20I).

Sourav Ganguly was on the receiving end of angry fans and asked the Indian cricket fan to accept the loss in the T20 World Cup against Pakistan T20 World Cup sportingly. In 2003, when Ganguly served as India captain during the 2003 ODI World Cup, a single-sided defeat in the final against Australia within a group match was witnessed by Mohammad Kaif’s home being stoned, and the effigies of players burned amid widespread anger. India came back and finished as runners-up.

Skipper Virat Kohli reportedly discussed plans to allow part-timers like himself to bowl a few overs, but this didn’t happen in Pakistan. Because T20 is not the format that gives numerous chances to come back, even one over that is costly could cost the team.

Before the game, Pakistan had failed to beat India during the men’s World Cup. Still, the Babar-led team came out in flying colours on Sunday following a spectacular performance following Shaheen Shah Afridi’s performance playing the ball. Some happy moments during an unsettling afternoon at Dubai Cricket Stadium. However, this is just the starting of the world cup. India has a long way to go further.

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